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360 Service: we offer a full-service transformation package or work within your existing environment to help you gradually scale-up. With individualized care our approach is based on your existing needs building on your core competencies


MMI participates in competitive infrastructure and coding spaces, since 2011 we have been placed in startup ally at Tech Crunch, on several occasions we have won swag from HackrOne in testing and debugging today’s most demanding apps. Along side many others we can reference upon request.


We help clients clarify YOUR vision for business success, following a design-led approach to production & definition. Streamlining processes to minimize prototyping and maximize capacities. Executive level guidance at every step of the way to achieve these security goals sustainably.


The technologies we create for the services that turn into your value


Do more with less

MMI will assist you in determining your current infrastructure strategy and compliance while we help set standards through deliverable and measurable results.


Protect your resources

Securing your business isn’t just about a hack! its about all threats, its helping to take the companies history, current risks and future potentials to impact the value of your capacity to earn profit and optimizing those metrics to provide outstanding customer success.


Operate above the standards

If you are currently having compliance issues or if you are planning to expand and require a compliance review, we can help document and analyse where you currently have potential liabilities, and be the point strategist your future endeavors.


List all of the steps

Our team are specialists that have worked with every major Internet Service Provider to deliver the most optimized programming solution we solve the problems that you may not even be aware of to provide a high value add program and software service.


Have a button for it

MMI defines the steps that are needed to help take your project from the initial planning stage to integrating each of the following steps to help your human resources do more in less time.


Create a better cycle every time

Each step of your project we benchmark to help determine better customer success rates among our client population. This will help us and our clients determine better value added propositions.

Our Philosophy

Taking a holistic approach to our client’s digital transformation, we keep the real-world application of their products and services at the fore-front of our strategy. After working with us, our clients – [from luxury retail, print publications, and app-based start-ups]– have seen increased efficiency, decreased cost, and most importantly, a better understanding of the digital world in which they operate.

In Action

As e-commerce expands, data security becomes paramount. We specialize in identifying, measuring and responding to those threats for our clients. We protect our clients data from loss and theft. Proactively managing contingency mitigates costs in the long term for both our clients and theirs.


Great companies we work with

A tale of a successful venture

And how to plan it

We protect our clients data from loss and theft. Proactively managing contingency mitigates costs in the long term for both our clients and theirs. At MMI Integration, our service team can integrate all of your core services together and provide an optimized solution to save our customers time and money.

When we engage with a client we are creating a relationship. We understand that given the nature of our business, security is a primary concern. We have a full suite of documentation. The documentation will establish our chain of trust, to handle all of your infrastructure compliance needs.
We currently work in Fashion, Finance, Big Data, E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, and Of course Automation spaces. MMI has participated in multiple competitive spaces such as Tech Crunch, Challenge Post and HackerOne and have earned several awards for our work.

Take the time to contact us today to see what value your company can be entitled to through an optimized infrastructure.

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