An Organization in Despair: MMI to the Rescue

“We aren’t delivering our services to customers. We can’t keep up like this,” bemoans our president.
“Look at our output. Something’s got to give. We’ve been doing this for forty years without a problem."
"What is going on? Get the head of the IT team in here. Who runs that department anyway?"
“Well, we are all working really long hours to keep up,” says the head of IT. “I can’t ask my guys to work any harder, he goes on to say. We are managing,” he says.

( The IT director is right. He will face a rebellion if he requires any more time of his employees. They are working overtime just to keep afloat! )
So goes the story where the manager running the IT department is brought before the head executive to explain why the company has outdated systems in place.

It’s like a bad Wizard of Oz story where the well-intentioned IT leader stands shaking before the wizard in Emerald City.
The reality, however, is things have changed tremendously over the last several years, and outdated systems are hurting the company because of decreased response time, decreased output, and decreased value.

Overall, this equates to millions of dollars in business losses each year because of system inadequacies.
“What do you need?” the president says.
“Well, I think we need to do a cloud migration,” says the IT director. “We can do it with minimal time and effort. I can do it in a few steps internally with the go ahead from you.”

“Alright,” says the president. “Just get it done. I want costs on the table on Monday. If you need some extra help, put on a couple of contract workers. Hey, thanks, you’re the best!”
... and 5 years later, here we are with a new IT manager in place, and the story is pretty much the same. Operations are slow. Output is slow. Numbers aren’t where they should be. People are complaining about response time.

Only now, after several hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on “modernization” efforts, systems still aren’t functioning.
“Has anyone worked with MMI?” says the president.

“I know they just helped a high-end retailer through a real mess,” says the sales manager. “They were talking about it at the Javitz show. MMI was on it!” she said. “Don’t worry, I got their contact info. I’ll set something up for you this week.”
By now, the senior leaders are fully engaged. They are seeking out MMI, a leader in innovative solutions to cloud transformation, using highly skilled IT experts and strategists to come up with a tailored solution.

MMI knows that long-term results are dependent upon a holistic approach, which addresses each department’s specific needs.

Success comes when everyone at the company gets to weigh-in; from senior leaders and department heads, all the way to the mail center workers.

MMI is the premier company to help decipher operational patterns, and then use this knowledge to spearhead a solution that works for you.
Where did this company go wrong initially? Well for one, there was an unrealistic expectation on the internal IT team to figure out a solution on its own. 

Without specific and advanced knowledge of cloud transformation, it was like telling the team to find a needle in the haystack.

Well-intentioned IT teams keep systems running, but they are not usually hired as efficiency & security experts. 

There is a whole different skill set needed to keep this company running and secure. That is where MMI comes in!